Writing Life: Write What You “NOOOooo!”

Sometimes, for all our planning and good intentions and even plentiful inspiration, the writing doesn’t get done, because we’re frankly too battered by the rest of life.  Our goal some days is simply getting from sunrise to sunset without making headlines involving public nudity, violence, and/or screaming.  We all have those days.  Sometimes we have…… Continue reading Writing Life: Write What You “NOOOooo!”

Spec Tech: The Bleeding Edge

There’s the cutting edge, as in cutting edge research or cutting edge technology. That always sounds pretty cool. But there’s also the bleeding edge. I think I first heard this term about fifteen years ago, from my friend Todd Richmond, who at the time was engaged in post-doctoral research using DNA microarrays. Microarrays, for you…… Continue reading Spec Tech: The Bleeding Edge