Spec Tech: Blowing Up Planets

Doomsday scenarios are a dime a dozen. When a villain claims to be on the verge of ‘destroying the Earth’ he/she usually means killing everyone/everything on it. But sometimes simply killing all humans isn’t good enough. Unfortunately even the vast amounts of energy necessary to wipe out all civilization is woefully inantiquate to physically destroy…… Continue reading Spec Tech: Blowing Up Planets

Clarion Writing Prompt #24 Audience

This week’s writing prompt is provided by my daughter and fellow author: Jennifer Lott.   What is good writing? It’s always filtered through the lens of the reader. My sixteen-year-old sister is reading A Tale of Two Cities for English. To her credit, she is responding passionately to the injustices of the French Revolution. She…… Continue reading Clarion Writing Prompt #24 Audience

Spec Tech: Salty Talk – the Use and Misuse of Nautical Language

A significant subset of fantasy and science fiction deals with ships and the sea. When writing about sailors and ships, writers of speculative fiction often manage to get it wrong.   This does not does not make them usual. Many writers, of all genres, screw things up when writing about ships. I recently read a…… Continue reading Spec Tech: Salty Talk – the Use and Misuse of Nautical Language