Market Insights: Douglas Cohen, Realms of Fantasy

It’s been an interesting couple of years for Realms of Fantasy.  The magazine was launched with the October 1994 issue and never missed a single issue in its publication table for almost fifteen years.  Now in the last two years the magazine has been cancelled twice and come back twice under new ownership. As most…… Continue reading Market Insights: Douglas Cohen, Realms of Fantasy

Writer’s Craft #3 – Currently Reading

Writers are often asked to explain how their favorite authors have influenced their work over the years. But how about what we are reading today? Does it percolate into what we write tomorrow? Writer J Randayle Greyson thinks so. After getting an e-mail from her, I surfed to her site at where I found…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #3 – Currently Reading

Clarion Call #2: 1 3/4 Minutes with McCreary

For many people, one of the most effective ways to jump-start creativity is through music.  Although we’ll be exploring many different types of writing prompts and assignments for our Clarion Calls, we’ll come back every so often to the idea of musical meditation.  For those new to the concept, here is how a prompt like…… Continue reading Clarion Call #2: 1 3/4 Minutes with McCreary

Spec Tech: Language and Culture

What is the relation between language and culture? How does the language we speak influence the way we think? These important questions are unfortunately too often not asked. People often assume a position without looking at the actual empirical evidence. On one side there are a good number of anthropologists who aver that language and…… Continue reading Spec Tech: Language and Culture

Writer’s Craft #2 – Quotes and Context

“A misfit is what you are,” Lywulf told her. “Like the rest of us.” (from Healer’s Sword, ETA Sept 2011, Lynda Williams) Is the line above punctuated correctly? It got past my editor, so I’m going with “yes”. The rule is to put a period after the tag line if the preceding quote completes a…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #2 – Quotes and Context