Clarion Call #5: Things With Teeth

The use of an image as a writing prompt has advantages and disadvantages.  A picture can inspire a thousand words, but may also leave little to the imagination.  The temptation becomes to describe or explain rather than to create.

Today’s challenge: try a new way of using an image to provoke a response in your “right brain.”  Look at the image just long enough to find what most intrigues you, then put it away and see where your mind wanders.  Consider the image a catalyst for your train of thought, rather than a frame to contain it.

This week’s prompt is brought to you by Shot Hot Design.  Click on the image to view it in full size, let your thoughts wander where they will, and share the results!

There are only two rules for Clarion Calls:

  1. If you choose to try the assignment, do not read the comments section before you post yours.
  2. This is a critique-free zone, and that includes critique of your own offering.  Save your analytical skills for Mondays with Linda.

With that in mind, I invite all of you to give it a try.  At the end of the year, I have a special honor in mind for the person who most often posts an answer to our weekly Call.  So have fun, and stay inspired!


9 thoughts on “Clarion Call #5: Things With Teeth

  1. “Laila, thanks ever so much for inviting me to your party. I just love these appetizers–crunchy on the outside but with that meaty bit in the middle. What do you call them?”

    “Rudmilla, you make me blush. I believe those are called “police cruisers”. I love the exciting way they arrive, all flashy lights and sirens. Makes my tail curl, if you catch my meaning.”

    “Laila! Really? And how does the hive overmind drone feel about all that tail curling? Are you the reason he’s so busy at night?”

    “You’ll have to try a little tail curling yourself to find out. K’tronk is special. Very special.”

    “Don’t you waggle your skull ridges at me, you tramp. Are you striving to become the Overqueen next season? I never thought you would, seeing how the position requires you to lay eggs day and night. You’d lose your girlish figure, you know.”

    “And be eaten at the end of the season by the newly hatched queenlings. You don’t have to sugar coat it. Rudmilla, my dear, Overqueen provides so many great opportunities to those willing to risk everything. The Overqueen gets ALL of the drones during her mating season. If you think tail curling is fun, you haven’t experienced a full mating. All that smashing and fighting and eating. It’s like the most wild party ever. These “police cruisers” are only a smidgen of the banquet at a full mating. They send “tanks” and “fighters”. Absolutely scrumptious.”

    “Laila! I am shocked. Did you spy on Beezeline last mating? You know that’s forbidden.”

    “Don’t be such a mammal, Rudmilla. Beezeline told me about it while she was laying her four thousandth egg. It sounded deliciously wicked. Don’t you think?”

  2. “Look at the image just long enough to find what most intrigues you, then put it away and see where your mind wanders.”

    Alright- my mind did wander, to an event from 4 years ago. Why this event came to mind I really have no idea.

    Four years ago I killed a mouse. I discovered its presence under the sofa on a Thursday night. The next day I was flying to California for a 4 day weekend, and was very disturbed knowing a mouse would have free reign that long. So I filled the rooms with glooey traps; if he stepped on it he’d be stuck.

    I came home and anxiously checked the traps. Nothing. I went upstairs to go the bathroom, and while sitting on the pot I heard something behind the shower curtain. Oh oh. Yep, the little mouse had climbed the stairs and gotten trapped in the bathtub. I caught him wiht one of the sticky pads, but felt bad about it and tried to pull him free. That glue is so strong that it tore his nose and mouth. It was winter time, and I don’t think he survived the night. To this day I still feel guilty, I could have just as easily caught him in a shoe box and set him outside.

    I hope there is no such thing as karma.

  3. As the mighty supermall pushes forever outward, its inhabitants enjoying every luxury, the scavengers and black marketeers outside its walls squabble over its scraps.

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