Clarion Call #9: Teslatron

This week we have another image for you, courtesy of Steadman Kondor.  Remember not to hem in your mind with the literal details; look at the picture just long enough to start up your own creative processes, then let your imagination take over from there.  Click on the image to see a larger version.

If you are a fantasy/science fiction/horror artist and would like to donate a credited image or two for use as a writing prompt, please contact us at blog@the(x) [with (x) replaced by the name of your favorite writing workshop].  We welcome donations from artists at any level of experience.

There are only two rules for Clarion Calls:

  1. If you choose to try the assignment, do not read the comments section before you post yours.
  2. This is a critique-free zone, and that includes critique of your own offering.  Save your analytical skills for Mondays with Lynda.

With that in mind, I invite all of you to give it a try.  At the end of the year, I have a special honor in mind for the person who most often posts an answer to our weekly Call.  So have fun, and stay inspired!


8 thoughts on “Clarion Call #9: Teslatron

  1. Abomination.

    It was an affront to the world, an asinine abomination created by addled imbeciles all caught up in their attempt to attain immortality.

    The trees in the distance seemed to cringe, apprehensive, agitated, as they viewed this new addition to the landscape. Atone for their sins they said, pay the world back for what they had done, the least they could do.


    This, was the least they could do.

    Far better for them to have left, their arrogance brought us here and yet they attempt to assuage their guilt by aggrandizing themselves throughout the rest of the annals history as contrite and repentant sinner hoping that we allow them their experiments while we all set aside our anger at all their science has done for us.


    This, is how they attempt to placate us.

    They poisoned our rivers, annexed our lands, burnt our trees, and they build this monstrosity of electronics and neural-networking as a symbol of their contrition. Might as well have gouged the land to see her bleed then tell us they’re sorry.



    My, but that was an angry little blurb, hehe.

    1. Well, remember, the whole point is to let your mind run free, no matter where it goes or how dark the results may be. You’re doing this exactly right. 🙂 And welcome back!

  2. “Momma, I want to ride on the Teslatron.”

    “It will make you sick, Jimmy. No, you get to wait right here and ride the carousel. See the pretty horses? How about the yellow one?”

    “Horses and carousels are for babies. I want to ride the Teslatron. See how fast it goes? And it lights up!”

    “But it’s dangerous, Jimmy. There are sparks flying from the top, like a fountain. You’ll be burned!”

    “I’m almost nine, Momma. I’m all grown-up. I can handle danger.”

    “No, Jimmy. I absolutely forbid you to ride on that dangerous contraption.”

    “Then can I ride the steam-powered motorcar, Momma? They’re offering free rides. It goes faster than a horse can run.”

    “How about a nice treat instead, Jimmy?”

    “But I like to go fast. When I grow up, I’m going to invent the fastest machine of all.”

    “Eat your lolly, Jimmy, and ride the yellow horse.”

  3. A conference was only ever as good as its sandwiches.

    Take this one for example; the Synergistic Particle Acceleration Think-In, with the absolutely horrid acronym of “SPLAT”. No expense had been spared on the venue or the keynote speakers – the media darlings were swanning around the lush marble atrium giving out their delicious sound-bytes with the aesthetically pleasing Teslatron sculpture in the background – but when it came to the actual scientists, the grunts, well!

    Salida eyed her little triangle, which managed to be dry, stale and also soggy at the same time, and lifted one corner to look at the mystery meat. It was definitely one of the worst catering jobs that she’d experienced in all her years on the academic conference circuit, but even that would have been okay if they’d allocated a space in which to eat the miserable morsel.

    Instead, Salida perched on a cold marble ledge in the public atrium that managed to be public-unfriendly for all of its prettiness, watching the golden boys of particle research strut their tired stuff. Sparks of discontent ran over her skin, arcing in their direction, and she fancied her ire was like the plasma filaments that shot out seemingly at random from the Teslatron.

    It wasn’t random. But it took a decent scientist to explain both plasma and the importance of sandwiches.

      1. Another vote for toasted here. Humble ham n cheese gets elevated to high art when put in a toastie maker.

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