Clarion Call #11: Gone

Place this scene fragment in context:

“It was in my head this morning,” Rina moaned, “but now it’s gone.”

“What do you expect me to do about it?” said Gar, rustling his wings slightly in irritation.

There are only two rules for Clarion Calls:

  1. If you choose to try the assignment, do not read the comments section before you post yours.
  2. This is a critique-free zone, and that includes critique of your own offering.  Save your analytical skills for Mondays with Lynda.

With that in mind, I invite all of you to give it a try.  At the end of the year, I have a special honor in mind for the person who most often posts an answer to our weekly Call.  So have fun, and stay inspired!

8 thoughts on “Clarion Call #11: Gone

  1. “It was in my head this morning,” Rina moaned, “but now it’s gone.”

    “What do you expect me to do about it?” said Gar, rustling his wings slightly in irritation.

    Gar. It would be like him to create some fantastical avatar. Fat and balding, probably the best neurohacker in the district, perhaps the sector. Didn’t change the fact that outside the Circ he was still bullied much the same way any fat pimply kid would have been bullied in high school.

    And Rina, with the overly Barbified avatar. Spoiled rich brat. With as little brain power as she has, it’s a wonder that she can even enter the Circ much less build herself an avatar. With her money though, it wouldn’t have been hard to get someone to do the work for her.

    “Listen Gar, you’re the master hacker here, if it was in her head this morning, then who knows what it managed to extract?”

    That would be JemX, stupid handle by a similarly stupid second-rate hacker. No where in Gar’s class, but still useful as cannon-fodder. That, and he was a sadistic nut-case, which was something really needed for the job.

    “Look, it’s not my fault she can’t keep her thoughts straight long enough to get a simple firewall up! I taught everyone how to do it, not my fault she didn’t listen.”

    So like Gar, shifting the blame from himself to others.

    “Look, if word of this gets out, then you’re going down as well Gar, or should I say, ‘Gerald'”

    Antoinette, brilliant tactician and our security expert. When the fan is hit, she’ll take care of it all to the best of her abilities. Rina getting her brain piped could be beyond her ability though. And she knows it. Good of her that she’s trying to control everything, but Gar may be a problem.

    “I can make myself disappear ‘Ant’, I’m the best there is. In an hour, I’d be untraceable on the Circ, and you know it.”

    Problem is, he’s right. We do know it. This then, is where the hitman comes in. I speak:

    “That’s right Gar, you could disappear from the Circ in under an hour. But remember, fat man, I know where you live.”

    There’s silence. Everyone knows the threat is real. There’s a reason why I’m a wanted man in twelve districts, and there’s a reason why I’ve never been caught. I’m a dangerous man, and they know it.

    “You’re bluffing.”

    “No, Gar, and you know I don’t bluff. Now, you find out what it took from her, and you pipe the nut-job that did this and make it disappear. Or you’ll see just how fast you can really disappear from the Circ. Clear?”

    He’s been bullied all his life, and he knows when to back down. He’ll try and get me for this, but for now, I have him.


    Then Antoinette turns, it’s supposed to be a firewalled section of the Circ here, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be breached.

    And by the numbers I’m getting from my implant, I would say that that’s exactly what’s happened. No doubt about it:

    They’re here.

  2. “It was in my head this morning,” Rina moaned, “but now it’s gone.”

    “What do you expect me to do about it?” said Gar, rustling his wings slightly in irritation.

    “Help me look for it, sweetling.” Rina poked through the litter in the messy nest.

    Gar shifted to perch on the side. He plucked a stray stick with his beak, tucking it back into place. He muttered under his breath.

    “What was that, dear?” Rina scratched through rotting leaves. “I really have to find it. Are you going to help or not, Gar?”

    Gar ruffled his wings. “I don’t see why you need it, Rina. It’s not like your head is going to implode without it. How did you lose your brain anyway?”

    Rina cocked her head. “Just like this. It rattled and rolled right out into the nest. Now help me look for my bird brain.”

    1. Welcome back Jaleta! If you happen to find mine in there along with Rina’s, could you please return it? Thanks.

  3. Gar watched Rina open drawers, scattering scrolls and pouches everywhere. He arched and eyebrow and leant his elbows on the counter.

    “Whatcya doing?”

    “Looking for something, obviously.” She cast him a frustrated look. “You could help, you know. Rather than just stand there, collecting dust.”

    “What is it that you’ve lost?”

    “The parchment with the Binding Enchantment on. For Elsa and Simeon’s wedding, since I officiating and why they had to choose me, I’ve no idea.”

    “Perhaps because you’re their friend?” Gar suggested. “And aren’t you supposed to recite that enchantment?”

    “I can’t remember it! It was in my head this morning,” Rina moaned, “but now it’s gone.”

    “What do you expect me to do about it?” said Gar, rustling his wings slightly in irritation.

    Rina sat back on her heels and looked up at him. From his vantage point Gar could see right down the front of her loose blouse. He smirked. She rolled her eyes and pushed a stray strand of auburn hair off her face.

    “You know for a Daemon bound to my whim, you’re pretty useless. Maybe I should have summoned an Angel instead.”

    Gar snorted and pushed up from the counter. He strolled around, dark sexually emanating at every measured step. Rina felt heat flash through her.

    “An Angel? Oh, my sweet, an Angel might prove more useful in the shop, but would it better me in the bedroom? I think not.”

    Rina sighed. Arrogant and smug, he still had a point. “Are you going to help or not?”

    “If I do, will you stop turning out every drawer and come to bed?”

    “But I have the celebration to attend!”

    “Tonight.” Gar pointed to the clock. It was a little after eleven. “We have plenty of time.”

    “When you are utterly insatiable? I’m not sure eternity’d be long enough for you, Gar. Fine, fine, if it means you’ll put that damn thing back in my head, I will.” Rina scrambled to her feet and dusted herself down. Then grinned at him. “Win-win, really.”

    “That’s my girl,” Gar approved and tugged her to him.

    She rolled her eyes again, but her pretence at irritation evaporated when he angled his mouth over hers.

    And later – rather considerably later – Rina got through Elsa and Simeon’s wedding without tripping over a single word. So obviously an Angel wasn’t the better option.

    1. Welcome! Have you posted here before? I’m terrible with names. If not, welcome! If so, welcome back!

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