Spec Tech: A Man Walked into a Bar…

A Man Walked into a Bar… in Early Modern Edinburgh. Welcome to the second in a series of posts on everyday life in pre-industrial cities. Last time, we took a stroll down a typical street in Ancient Rome.  Rather than spying on powerful emperors or pivotal one-off events, we considered the minutiae of everyday life:…… Continue reading Spec Tech: A Man Walked into a Bar…

Never Be Ashamed.

There’s already a lot of advice on the Internet about how to break into professional writing. I don’t have much to add. In my experience, at least, there was no magic formula or kung-fu technique that finally did it for me. All I did was keep writing, every day, while trying to get people to…… Continue reading Never Be Ashamed.

Writer’s Craft #17 – Gotta go

In my 2003 novel, Throne Price, a toilet issue disrupts tensions between my hero, Amel, and his brother D’Lekker after D’Lekker releases Amel from the room he’s been locked in for the better part of a day.   Amel tried to slip past him. D’Lekker dropped the bar he was holding into both hands, despite the…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #17 – Gotta go

Spec Tech: Evolution, Devolution, microRNAs, and You

In my previous column on “Monsters” I discussed the genetic basis for the Cyclops and the Werewolf. Then, in “More Monsters,” I discussed the homeotic genes that act as master regulators of organ identity. But really those genes are so last century. They all code for proteins, and it is the proteins that do the…… Continue reading Spec Tech: Evolution, Devolution, microRNAs, and You