Write-a-Thon Time!

Writers, start your engines: the 2011 Clarion Write-a-Thon is now accepting participants.  Our goal this year is to reach 80 participating writers, so please sign up at the official Write-a-Thon site.  It’s free, anyone can do it, and it helps spread the word about Clarion.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but it also helps spread the word about you.  The Write-a-Thon attracts a great deal of attention each year, and the participant writers are the heroes of the story.

Blog-readers take note: during the six weeks of the Write-a-Thon, which parallel the timing of the Clarion Workshop itself, our Saturday writing prompts will be temporarily replaced by a series of Write-a-Thon-specific challenges.  This mini-Clarion will put participants through their paces and help them grow as writers while encouraging people to donate in their names.  For those who don’t have the chance to attend Clarion in person, the Write-a-Thon is a fun way to be a part of the experience.

Clarion 2011 quite literally could not have happened without the money we raised in last year’s Write-a-Thon, which was matched dollar for dollar by a grant from Amazon.  Not only does Clarion’s future depend greatly upon the success of this yearly event, but the Write-a-Thon also has intangible but powerful benefits for those writers who participate.  Accountability is a powerful motivator, and having friends and family backing up your summer writing goals with their wallets can instill a sense of urgency that is sometimes lacking at the beginning of a writing career.

Also, you could win an iPad.  Do I really need to mention the iPad?

If you have any questions about the Write-a-Thon or how you can get involved, please contact me at blog(at)the(x)foundation.org (with the (x) replaced by the name of our writing workshop).


10 thoughts on “Write-a-Thon Time!

    1. I believe it is, so long as there is a way for potential donors to send money to Clarion via PayPal, credit card, etc. I’ll look into the details for you.

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