Spec Tech: Evolution, Devolution, microRNAs, and You

In my previous column on “Monsters” I discussed the genetic basis for the Cyclops and the Werewolf. Then, in “More Monsters,” I discussed the homeotic genes that act as master regulators of organ identity. But really those genes are so last century. They all code for proteins, and it is the proteins that do the…… Continue reading Spec Tech: Evolution, Devolution, microRNAs, and You

Writer’s Craft #16 – Making a Statement

Making a statement through your characters Do you express your values through your characters? Author Justine Graykin gives us her take on the question, below, as this week’s guest writer. Please share your thoughts about the question, with or without examples from your writing. (lynda) by Justine Graykin The protagonist reflects, the antagonist rants. The…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #16 – Making a Statement