Market Insights: Lou Anders, Pyr Books

Hello Clarion. It’s great to be here. I’ve written elsewhere about who we are at Pyr, how we got our start, and what we’re about, so today I’m going to take a different slant from what I’ve done in the past. Rather than talk about who we are, I thought I’d talk about who we…… Continue reading Market Insights: Lou Anders, Pyr Books

Writer’s Craft #15 – Un?conventional

Working on the first draft of Part 10: Unholy Science, of my Okal Rel saga, I find myself confronting my teenage self over characterization of a female protagonist. When I was in high school it was unconventional for women in SF to be the heavy hitters. Lt. Uhura being a bridge officer in the original…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #15 – Un?conventional

Clarion Call #14: Marco!…

This week for our musical meditation I’m shamelessly trotting out an old favorite of mine that intriguingly blends a couple of ethnic flavors.  Go on a trip with Loreena McKennit’s Marco Polo, and let us know where it takes you. I’m running low on personal favorites, though, so if readers have any imagination-fertilizing instrumental pieces…… Continue reading Clarion Call #14: Marco!…

Writer’s Craft #14 – Character X, Character Y

A friend, named Kathleen Stewart, told me that my characters stand out because of their strong responses to each other. She was reading The Courtesan Prince, Part I of the Okal Rel Saga. This got me thinking about how SF, in particular, often portrays larger-than-life characters with traits that are easy to recognize. Bujold’s Miles…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #14 – Character X, Character Y