Promoting Without Selling

Since he is too modest to say so, we will mention that the third book of Chris Evans’ Iron Elves trilogy was released this month.  The series begins with A Darkness Forged in Fire.  More information can be found at — Promoting without Selling – The Paradoxical Way to Sell by Chris Evans Finding…… Continue reading Promoting Without Selling

Spec Tech: Sandstone… It’s a Living

Geologically speaking, “sandstone” has a very precise meaning. A sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is composed of less than 50% mud-sized particles and less than 30% gravel, with the remaining rock or mineral grains being sand-sized. Sand-sized grains are between 62 microns and 2 millimeters in size. To a non-geologist, this can easily translate…… Continue reading Spec Tech: Sandstone… It’s a Living

Writer’s Craft #43 – Measure or Count

Leslie Gadallah is published by Del Ray. See her books listed at ISFDB. English speakers can talk with their hands in their pockets because our language can express delicate shades of meaning without arm-waving. But subtleties can be confusing. Take, for example, the difference between quantity and number. The supermarket aisle that is labeled “6…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #43 – Measure or Count

Spec Tech: Conlanging 8 – Toyo sa ti fi menke fi Kohen, hake?

This is the eighth in a series of posts “live-blogging” the creation of a fictional language from scratch, with the help of our readers. We plan to construct a functional language one piece at a time, incorporating suggestions and preferences from our audience along the way. You can find a listing of our previous installments…… Continue reading Spec Tech: Conlanging 8 – Toyo sa ti fi menke fi Kohen, hake?

Writer’s Craft #42 – Probably my last book

Lorne S. Jones is the author of the novel Mighty Oaks, available on And a cancer patient with a grim prognosis. From your host, Lynda Williams If you knew you had months, weeks, or days to live would you still care about writing? Lorne S. Jones does. Lorne and I both attended the same…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #42 – Probably my last book