Writer’s Craft #91 – Genre Mashups

K. A. Laity: All-purpose writer, Fulbrighter, uberskiver, medievalist, flâneuse, techno-shamanka, Broad Universe social media maven, History Witch, Pirate Pub Captain currently anchored in Dundee, Scotland. http://www.kalaity.com Agents, editors, far more successful writers all tell me the same thing: it helps to stick to one genre. People who like that genre and you will stick with…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #91 – Genre Mashups

Writer’s Craft #90 Why Do Books Have Chapters?

Erin Lale is the Acquistions Editor at Eternal Press and Damnation Books and the Editor and Publisher of  Time Yarns. Imagine you’re going to the library. Now imagine you’re going to the Library of Alexandria. What physical object are you going to read when you get there? A papyrus scroll. How many words fit on…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #90 Why Do Books Have Chapters?

Writer’s Craft #89 – Writing is a Team Sport

T.W. Fendley is a multiple award-winning author of historical fantasy and science fiction for adults and young adults. Her debut novel, ZERO TIME, melds ancient Maya history with New Age spirituality and time travel. Readers chose ZERO TIME as the 2011 Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel.  A 1997 Clarion graduate, Fendley’s short stories have earned national recognition,…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #89 – Writing is a Team Sport

Writer’s Craft # 88 – Aging in Sf/F

Catherine Lundoff is the author of Silver Moon (Lethe Press, 2012), a novel about menopausal werewolves and new beginnings. Website: http://www.catherinelundoff.com I recently moderated a #Feministsf twitterchat on the topic of depictions of aging in science fiction and fantasy.  It makes for a surprisingly complicated conversation to have via 140 characters on an hour long…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft # 88 – Aging in Sf/F