Writer’s Craft #105

Justine Graykin is a writer and free-lance philosopher sustained by her deep, abiding faith in Science and Humanity — well, Science, anyway –- and the belief that humor is the best anti-gravity device. Find her work and bloggings at justinegraykin.com This agent loved the samples I’d sent, read through one manuscript and praised it to…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #105

Writer’s Craft #104 Putter-inner or Taker-outer?

Noah Chinn used to be a travelling fool but has now taken to settling down and writing for a spell. He’s published two urban fantasy novels with Mundania Press: Bleeding Heart Yard, and Trooper #4. His third novel, Getting Rid of Gary, should be available this winter. Conventional writing wisdom tells us that we need…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #104 Putter-inner or Taker-outer?

Writer’s Craft #103 The Plinko Metaphor

Aurora-winning poet Helen Marshall is an author, editor, and self-proclaimed bibliophile. Her poetry and fiction have been published in The Chiaroscuro, Paper Crow, Abyss & Apex, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet and Tor.com. She recently released a collection of poems entitled Skeleton Leaves from Kelp Queen Press and her collection of short stories Hair Side, Flesh…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #103 The Plinko Metaphor

Writer’s Craft #102 – Tuning Out Your Inner Editor

Kim Neville writes contemporary fantasy. She has sold stories to On Spec and Leading Edge and is a graduate of Clarion West. When she’s not writing stories or hanging out with her husband and daughter, she likes to visit the beach near her home in Vancouver. You can learn more about her at http://www.kimneville.com. Recently…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #102 – Tuning Out Your Inner Editor

Writer’s Craft #101 – Kill to Retire

Jennifer Lott has appeared in print in Neo-Opsis Magazine (“A Day in the Life”; Issue 18; December 17, 2009) and the Opus 5 Okal Rel anthology (“Pet Peeves”, Absolute XPress, 2011). Her first public foray into writing is her popular fan fiction Alternative Ending to the Animorphs, which was well received by readers disappointed by…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #101 – Kill to Retire