FAQ: Why do donors need to register for the write-a-thon?

There have been some recent comments made in regard to registration being required to donate to specific writers.

We ask sponsors to establish an account so we can run the Write-a-Thon with fewer volunteers.  When sponsors fill out the registration form, it allows us to properly credit their donation to the individual writer and to generate thank you and tax acknowledgement letters automatically rather than manually.  Registering — a small act of additional generosity we depend upon — allows us to run the Write-a-Thon without hiring employees.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We understand, however, that the registration is confusing and we are working to revamp this page to make it easier to use.

2 thoughts on “FAQ: Why do donors need to register for the write-a-thon?

    1. Hello. Nancy Etchemendy, Clarion Foundation treasurer here. No, certainly not. Register once, log in, and click a “Donate for Multiple Writers” link. These are available on all main pages of the Write-a-Thon site, and can also be reached by clicking the “sponsor this writer” button on any writer’s page. This allows you to select as many writers as you wish from a pull-down menu and specify whatever amount you’d like for each writer. Make one payment at the end of the process, using either Plug and Pay or Paypal. If you wish to sponsor more writers at another time, repeat the process, beginning by logging in with your existing userID (email) and password. If you can’t remember your password, click the “Forgot password” link.

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