Clarion Alumni & Instructor News (updated) April 2017

Greetings! Here is an April 2017 update on the alumni and instructors of Clarion: ALUMS 1973  Bruce Boston (1) “Sacrificial Nights”, a poetry novella written in collaboration with Alessandro Manzetti, is on the Bram Stoker AwardFfinal Ballot. (2) Visions of the Mutant Rain Forest, a fiction and poetry collaboration with Robert Frazier, has been released…… Continue reading Clarion Alumni & Instructor News (updated) April 2017

Eugene Ramos interview

  Eugene Ramos (2015), went a different route than most of his Clarion classmates and chose to make his mark in film, rather than prose. Tiffany Davis, one of the e-Bulletin co-editors, caught up with Eugene via Skype and chatted about Shakespeare, love interests, and side hustles at the Apple store. Due to space constraints, we…… Continue reading Eugene Ramos interview

Jerome Stueart interview (pt. 1)

The Clarion e-Bulletin caught up with Jerome Stueart (Clarion 2007), who is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Dayton. He joined Tiffany Davis, e-Bulletin co-editor, via Skype to discuss his current and upcoming books, his Clarion experience, Christian werewolves, and Sister Act, among other things. Due to space constraints, we could only publish…… Continue reading Jerome Stueart interview (pt. 1)

Nalo Hopkinson interview

  The January 2017 issue of the Clarion e-Bulletin featured an interview with esteemed Clarionite and award-winning author Nalo Hopkinson (Clarion 1995). The interview was conducted in October 2016 via Skype with Tiffany Davis, one of the e-Bulletin co-editors. Due to space constraints, we could only post a small portion of the interview in the…… Continue reading Nalo Hopkinson interview