Writing Prompt #18: SENSE ‘a’ Wonder

This post is going to be all about how to incorporate the senses in your writing.  But I want to share a hilarious, fun link that I found also.  This writing prompt generator is meant for K-12 classrooms and students, but it’s also fun.  Just one of its random results was a perfectly fine fantasy…… Continue reading Writing Prompt #18: SENSE ‘a’ Wonder

Writing Prompt #16: Fake Conversations

Many books of writing advice suggest that authors visit public places – Starbucks, a park, outdoor cafes, etc., and write down people’s conversations.  The purpose of this activity is to familiarize writers with the indirect nature of speech.  People don’t talk in a straight line, and conversations don’t proceed back-and-forth like a tennis match. Famously,…… Continue reading Writing Prompt #16: Fake Conversations

Writing Prompt #14: From Mundane to Insane

The title for this prompt certainly explains my own life-trajectory, but . . . Just wanted to share with you, and a million thanks to Justin for his amazing, in-depth writing prompts! This prompt is inspired by a well-known torture technique from the Writers of the Future workshops.  It probably wasn’t original to Algis Budrys – my…… Continue reading Writing Prompt #14: From Mundane to Insane