Writing Prompt #12

The problem: you’re trying to write a scene using a character that doesn’t feel right somehow. He just doesn’t sing. You move him from one side of the room to the other like a puppet. But if you cut the strings, he falls to the floor.

Writing Prompt #11

Using last week’s prompts, you got to know your character a little bit better. You went through a series of interviews intended to help you get acquainted with this person from the outside.

This week you’re going to flip this around. Instead of interviewing the character, you will BECOME the character.

Writing Prompt #10

Turn to the “Character” chapter in just about every book on writing and you’ll find a list of interview questions to ask your character. A quick Google search will give you more than enough to get you started. Typically, your interview questions will delve into the innocuous details of a character’s life – favorite color, favorite food, etc. But to go meta for a moment, here are some general approaches for delving in deep without a specific list from which to work.

Writing Prompt #9

Before an idea can move into the realm of story, it must be populated with characters. These characters have their own personalities and agendas. We all do. When these agendas come into conflict, you have a story. A simplistic approach, perhaps. But a timeless one.