Writer’s Craft # 124 – The Need For Speed

Kristene is a former professional stunt performer for film and television (as Kristene Kenward) and self-described ‘fishing goddess’. Pathologically nomadic, she has lived in Japan, Costa Rica, the Cook Islands, and a very tiny key in the Bahamas, just to name a few. Her stories have appeared in Denizens of Darkness, Canadian Storyteller Magazine, The…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft # 124 – The Need For Speed

Writer’s Craft #123 – Reviews and Drawing the Line

Barbara Galler-Smith lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She’s an award winning author, a long-time member of Edmonton’s largest speculative fiction writers group, The Cult of Pain, and co-founder of a group designed for emerging speculative fiction writers called The Scruffies. She’s also a Fiction Editor for On Spec: The Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic. Along…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #123 – Reviews and Drawing the Line

Writer’s Craft #122 – Slush School

Kim Neville writes contemporary fantasy. She lives near the ocean in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and six year-old daughter. Her floors are often covered in sand and glitter. Kim is a graduate of Clarion West, class of 2012. She has a story forthcoming in the Summer 2013 issue of Shimmer. Her work has also…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #122 – Slush School