Writer’s Craft #122 – Slush School

Kim Neville writes contemporary fantasy. She lives near the ocean in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and six year-old daughter. Her floors are often covered in sand and glitter. Kim is a graduate of Clarion West, class of 2012. She has a story forthcoming in the Summer 2013 issue of Shimmer. Her work has also…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #122 – Slush School

Writer’s Craft # 119 The Importance of Heroes

John Henry Beck has been writing stories in notebooks for years and has written four novels during National Novel Writing Month. John’s work has been published in Runner’s World, The Rusty Nail, Willow and Every Writer’s Resource. He is currently working on a novel and writes a weekly short story blog at johnhenrybeck.wordpress.com   “If…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft # 119 The Importance of Heroes

Writer’s Craft # 118 Why I Write Erotic Fan Fiction

Anna J. Cook is a queer feminist, librarian, historian, and writer. She lives in the Boston metropolitan area with her wife, also a fan fiction writer, their two cats, and over one thousand books. She publishes her fan fiction at Archive of Our Own under the pen name elizajane.This post was adapted by invitation from…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft # 118 Why I Write Erotic Fan Fiction

Writer’s Craft #117 So You Want To Write for Comics?

Donna Barr (born 1952) is recognized as one of the classic authors of the 1980’s black-and-whites comic books. Today she is known as well as one of the pioneers of self- and print-on-demand publishing, in the forefront of the authors assisting traditional and modern distributors in accessing the newest book-publishing methods. For the jumping-off point…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #117 So You Want To Write for Comics?

Writer’s Craft # 116 Reality Trap

Jennifer Lott has appeared in print in Neo-Opsis Magazine (“A Day in the Life”; Issue 18; December 17, 2009) and the Opus 5 Okal Rel anthology (“Pet Peeves”, Absolute XPress, 2011). Her first public foray into writing is her popular fan fiction Alternative Ending to the Animorphs, which was well received by readers disappointed by…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft # 116 Reality Trap