Writer’s Craft #87 Point of View

Ann Gimpel is a clinical psychologist, with a Jungian bent.  Avocations include mountaineering, skiing, wilderness photography and, of course, writing.  A lifelong aficionado of the unusual, she began writing speculative fiction a few years ago.  Since then her short fiction has appeared in a number of webzines and anthologies and she has published two novels,…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #87 Point of View

Writer’s Craft #20 – Character Psychology

This week’s guest author is Ann Gimpel, here to introduce her new blog on character psychology and invite your questions or comments concerning the psychology of your characters. (Lynda) When I was wracking my brain to come up with an interesting idea for a blog, I spent days considering and discarding topics. And then it…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #20 – Character Psychology