Writer’s Craft #54 – Borrowed from Acting

James Pailly used to work in film and theatre and now works in television news. He’s been a writer, director, and occasionally—often unwillingly—an actor. His current project, The Tomorrow News Network, is a series of short stories which will appear at tomorrownewsnetwork.com starting January 9th. You can also visit his blog at planetpailly.wordpress.com. I was…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #54 – Borrowed from Acting

Writer’s Craft #52 – How would your characters do Xmas?

Your host, Lynda Williams, is the author of the Okal Rel Saga (Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing) and editor of the Okal Rel Legacies series (Absolute Xpress). She also works as Learning Technology Analyst for Simon Fraser University and teaches a introductory web development course at BCIT. For a list of Okal Rel titles…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #52 – How would your characters do Xmas?

Writer’s Craft #49 – Writing a Wolf

Nikki Broadwell studied English and Art in college before embarking on a marriage, two daughters, and a series of careers in the greeting card business and silk painting. “I won’t reveal my age,” she describes herself on her Clarion write-a-thon page, “but let’s just say I participated in protests against the Vietnam War.” Nikki now…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #49 – Writing a Wolf

Writer’s Craft #26 – Boyfriend Backbone

Lately it just happens I’ve been reading books in which the female protagonist puts the male lead through hell before she’s willing to admit he’s a keeper. Evolutionary psychology might say it’s because women want to test their man’s loyalty to the max to be sure he can be trusted after she succumbs to his…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #26 – Boyfriend Backbone

Writer’s Craft #20 – Character Psychology

This week’s guest author is Ann Gimpel, here to introduce her new blog on character psychology and invite your questions or comments concerning the psychology of your characters. (Lynda) When I was wracking my brain to come up with an interesting idea for a blog, I spent days considering and discarding topics. And then it…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #20 – Character Psychology