Writer’s Craft # 11 – Dialogue Tags

Is it best to keep it simple or to get creative when using attribution tags for dialogue? Here’s what some of the members of the SF Canada discussion list had to say about the topic when it came up in discussion. If in doubt, stick to the simplest choices like ‘said’ or ‘asked’. Some authors…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft # 11 – Dialogue Tags

Writer’s Craft #2 – Quotes and Context

“A misfit is what you are,” Lywulf told her. “Like the rest of us.” (from Healer’s Sword, ETA Sept 2011, Lynda Williams) Is the line above punctuated correctly? It got past my editor, so I’m going with “yes”. The rule is to put a period after the tag line if the preceding quote completes a…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #2 – Quotes and Context