Writer’s Craft #57 – Is There Such a Thing as Over-Editing?

Heather Ray Bax studied English and Classics at the University of Alberta before pursuing a graduate degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Western Ontario. She currently works at Simon Fraser University and the New Westminster Public Library. Heather is the author of The Charm Tree, book one of the Shansymoon Series,…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #57 – Is There Such a Thing as Over-Editing?

Writer’s Craft #48 – Overwriting

Kelly A. Harmon defines “Dischism” for us as this week’s guest on the Writer’s Craft. Kelly writes fantasy and dark fantasy with the occasional science fiction piece. See her list of publications and honors. More than a dozen or so years ago– long before I was ready to submit to agents or editors– I finished…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #48 – Overwriting

The Writer’s Craft #46 – Whittling Away

Desirina Boskovich is a graduate of the Clarion class of 2007. As a freelance writer, she specializes in weird, fantastic and unlikely things, both true and imaginary. Her work has appeared in Clarkesworld Magazine, Realms of Fantasy, Last Drink Bird Head, Fantasy Magazine, Lightspeed Magazine, and The Way of the Wizard. She lives in Springfield,…… Continue reading The Writer’s Craft #46 – Whittling Away

Writer’s Craft #18 – Who Edits You?

Eli Effinger-Weintraub’s avatar on a recent comment to the Writer’s Craft was a image that read something like: “The one universal truth is everyone wants to change your text”. It’s so true! So after visiting her homepage and discovering she edits professionally, I asked her to comment on the phenomenon. – lynda Bad news. Your…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #18 – Who Edits You?