2011 Write-a-Thon, Week 2

Hello, friends of Clarion!  Week Two of the Clarion Write-a-Thon has begun, and it’s time for some new challenges to keep you on your toes.  But before we begin, it’s time to honor those who have gone above and beyond so far in our fundraising effort.  Our total number of participants has exploded to 147,…… Continue reading 2011 Write-a-Thon, Week 2

Writing Prompt #14: From Mundane to Insane

The title for this prompt certainly explains my own life-trajectory, but . . . Just wanted to share with you, and a million thanks to Justin for his amazing, in-depth writing prompts! This prompt is inspired by a well-known torture technique from the Writers of the Future workshops.  It probably wasn’t original to Algis Budrys – my…… Continue reading Writing Prompt #14: From Mundane to Insane