Writer’s Craft #43 – Measure or Count

Leslie Gadallah is published by Del Ray. See her books listed at ISFDB. English speakers can talk with their hands in their pockets because our language can express delicate shades of meaning without arm-waving. But subtleties can be confusing. Take, for example, the difference between quantity and number. The supermarket aisle that is labeled “6…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #43 – Measure or Count

Spec Tech: “Wait, who hit who?”

This week’s Spec Tech post is jointly written by the two linguists on the faculty: Ryan Denzer-King and Chris Doty. Before we dive into the topic of this week’s post, we need a bit of background. All languages have ways of indicating who is doing what to whom, a phenomenon known as person-marking. English, like…… Continue reading Spec Tech: “Wait, who hit who?”