Writer’s Craft #64 – Letting Go

John Walters currently lives in Greece with his Greek wife and some of his five sons. He attended Clarion West way back in 1973 when the instructors were Harlan Ellison, Terry Carr, Peter Beagle, and others. A lot of life intervened, though, and he didn’t start publishing until the late 90s. Since then he has…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #64 – Letting Go

Five Things We Learned At Clarion, Part 3

The writer-advice that Jim Kelly created keeps on comin’!  What did our writers learn at the Clarion Workshop?  Amazingly, there’s very little overlap with what others have said, proving that Clarion is a deeply personal experience: Nicole Taylor No one is going to give you permission to be a writer. Don’t wait for some magical…… Continue reading Five Things We Learned At Clarion, Part 3