Asper ad astra, baby.

Reach for the stars, or maybe, Hope for the stars. Writers are always setting challenges of every sort, at every level. We want to say something in such a way that other people want to hear it, but it is the challenges we set ourselves that make that possible. Speaking practically, most of us want…… Continue reading Asper ad astra, baby.


Clarion Blog Preview 2011

[Audio] Happy New Year, everyone!  Now that we’re all finished banging pots and pans, it’s time to talk a bit about what you can expect from the Clarion Blog in 2011.  Though there are still some surprises in store, we hope you enjoy today’s sampling of our 2011 lineup. Mid-Month: Market Insights Consider the Clarion…… Continue reading Clarion Blog Preview 2011

Breaking News!

The instructors for Clarion 2011 have been announced: Week One:  Nina Kiriki Hoffman Week Two:  John Scalzi Week Three:  Elizabeth Bear Week Four:  David Anthony Durham Week Five and Six:  John Kessel and Kij Johnson Now might be a good time to start working on those application stories.