Writer’s Craft #33 – Special Love

Love. Sweet, steamy, star-crossed or paranomal … what makes your lovers special? By which I mean, themselves and not generic. Below is the passage that prompted this post. It's from the POV of Ilse Marin, the heroine introduced into my series in Part 7: Healer’s Sword. The quote is from Part 10: Unholy Science, still…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #33 – Special Love

Writer’s Craft #26 – Boyfriend Backbone

Lately it just happens I’ve been reading books in which the female protagonist puts the male lead through hell before she’s willing to admit he’s a keeper. Evolutionary psychology might say it’s because women want to test their man’s loyalty to the max to be sure he can be trusted after she succumbs to his…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #26 – Boyfriend Backbone