Clarion Call #15: Boarding Call

Place this scene fragment in context: The last call for boarding came, and Gia picked up her bags.  Her guardian followed close behind her as she joined the queue.  She dared one last look over her shoulder, knowing that when she returned, she would no longer recognize the place. There are only two rules for…… Continue reading Clarion Call #15: Boarding Call


Clarion Call #7: The Bassinet

Do with this what you will. Kelan leaned over the bassinet, gazing down at its tiny occupant. “Greetings, ancient one.” There are only two rules for Clarion Calls: If you choose to try the assignment, do not read the comments section before you post yours. This is a critique-free zone, and that includes critique of…… Continue reading Clarion Call #7: The Bassinet

Clarion Call #3: The Quartet

For more socially-oriented writers, sometimes it’s easier to bounce off of another writer’s ideas than to come up with something out of thin air.  For that reason, Clarion Calls will occasionally throw out a scene fragment and ask you our readers to send it in whatever direction you wish.  You may add to the beginning,…… Continue reading Clarion Call #3: The Quartet