Writing Life: How Novel!

Until fairly recently, it was standard practice for a new science fiction or fantasy writer to rack up a few sales in Asimov’s or Weird Tales before even attempting a novel.  Very few writers would be taken seriously until they had established a track record of published stories.  These days, speculative fiction writers (particularly in…… Continue reading Writing Life: How Novel!

Writing Life: Life is Short

Although it is entirely possible (and some say even advisable) in the SF&F market to plunge straight into writing and selling novels, there is a lot to be learned from writing short fiction.  Good prose is good prose, and a few sales in the right places can be an excellent way to demonstrate that you’re…… Continue reading Writing Life: Life is Short

SF&F Troubleshooting with Samuel R. Delany: Clichés and Straw Men

This month, our guest author is Samuel R. Delany, a respected literary critic and Nebula-winning science fiction writer as well as one of this summer’s instructors at Clarion.  In this new essay written especially for the Clarion blog, Delany gets at the heart of those nasty “-isms” in fiction and offers advice on how to…… Continue reading SF&F Troubleshooting with Samuel R. Delany: Clichés and Straw Men

Writing Life: The Path of Cons

Now that we have Write-a-Thon squared away, it’s time to return to our weekly look at how to fit writing into life (and life into writing).  I touched on conventions very briefly in “Write Together, Die Alone,” but it’s a subject that deserves detailed attention and one that can be difficult to research effectively.  For…… Continue reading Writing Life: The Path of Cons

Six Days Left, Six Reasons Why.

There are only six days left to sign up for the Clarion Write-a-Thon!  With the deadline so near and the Clarion Foundation only halfway to its goal of 75 writers, it’s time to pull out all the stops.  Please contact other spec fic writers you know to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, email, or…… Continue reading Six Days Left, Six Reasons Why.