Writer’s Craft # 125 – A whole new villain

Anne E. Johnson celebrates the release of Blue Diamond Delivery, sequel to her humorous, noir-inspired science fiction novel Green Light Delivery from Candlemark & Gleam Publishing. She writes speculative and historical fiction for adults and children, and has had over thirty short stories published in The Future Fire, Shelter of Daylight, Drunk Monkeys, and elsewhere.…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft # 125 – A whole new villain

Writer’s Craft #34 – What are Your Characters Consuming?

Kelly A. Harmon defines “Dischism” for us as this week’s guest on the Writer’s Craft. Kelly writes fantasy and dark fantasy with the occasional science fiction piece. See her list of publications and honors. In the novel I’m shopping, one of the main characters, Karis, is distraught over having (perhaps) killed someone by accident. He’s…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #34 – What are Your Characters Consuming?

Writer’s Craft #19 – The Fuzz Up

It was only after thoroughly enjoying Thor, directed by Kenneth Branagh, that I found myself wondering why Loki looked like an Asgardian if he was the son of an ice giant. My net reaction was “so what”. It’s a magic realm. It might be explained in the sequel or, like the aside in a Star…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #19 – The Fuzz Up

Writer’s Craft #16 – Making a Statement

Making a statement through your characters Do you express your values through your characters? Author Justine Graykin gives us her take on the question, below, as this week’s guest writer. Please share your thoughts about the question, with or without examples from your writing. (lynda) by Justine Graykin The protagonist reflects, the antagonist rants. The…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #16 – Making a Statement

Writer’s Craft #15 – Un?conventional

Working on the first draft of Part 10: Unholy Science, of my Okal Rel saga, I find myself confronting my teenage self over characterization of a female protagonist. When I was in high school it was unconventional for women in SF to be the heavy hitters. Lt. Uhura being a bridge officer in the original…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #15 – Un?conventional