Writer’s Craft #14 – Character X, Character Y

A friend, named Kathleen Stewart, told me that my characters stand out because of their strong responses to each other. She was reading The Courtesan Prince, Part I of the Okal Rel Saga. This got me thinking about how SF, in particular, often portrays larger-than-life characters with traits that are easy to recognize. Bujold’s Miles…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #14 – Character X, Character Y

Writer’s Craft #12 – The Crowd Scene

The action is rolling along fine. Then your hero bursts into that special obstacle: the crowd scene. Whether the build-up to the crowd scene is psychological or blood-and-guts fighting, the risk of losing momentum while you pause to set up the new situation is palpable. Have a look at my example, below, from my work-in-progress,…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #12 – The Crowd Scene

Writer’s Craft # 11 – Dialogue Tags

Is it best to keep it simple or to get creative when using attribution tags for dialogue? Here’s what some of the members of the SF Canada discussion list had to say about the topic when it came up in discussion. If in doubt, stick to the simplest choices like ‘said’ or ‘asked’. Some authors…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft # 11 – Dialogue Tags