Writer’s Craft #22 – Not the dress!

Reading Jaleta Clegg’s novel, Nexus Point, I encountered a scene that struck a resonance with one of my own about a female protagonist rejecting a dress. Here is Clegg’s heroine, Dace, threatened with a pink dress:       “Keep thinking pink, Dace. Tell me enough of the truth and I’ll find something much more suitable for…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #22 – Not the dress!

Spec Tech: Conlanging 1 – Introductions

This is the first in a series of posts “live-blogging” the creation of a fictional language from scratch, with the help of our readers.  We plan to construct a functional language one piece at a time, incorporating suggestions and preferences from our audience along the way.  But first, because the “who” and “why” of a…… Continue reading Spec Tech: Conlanging 1 – Introductions

Writer’s Craft #21 – Nobody wins a fight, not even the writer

This week’s guest author is John Preet. John teaches martial arts and has military experience. (Lynda) I decided to write this after watching The Green Hornet in the same week that I read about kids trying what they saw on televised fights and getting seriously hurt. I blame popular visual media for creating a completely…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #21 – Nobody wins a fight, not even the writer

Market Insights: Richard Curtis, Richard Curtis Associates

The Real Kindle Killer by Richard Curtis Since the Kindle was introduced in 2007 we’ve seen scores of rival gadgets, all touted as a Kindle Killer. The Nook can do this and the iPad can do that and the Sony can do the other thing. And it’s true, they’re all wonderful in their own way. …… Continue reading Market Insights: Richard Curtis, Richard Curtis Associates

Writer’s Craft #20 – Character Psychology

This week’s guest author is Ann Gimpel, here to introduce her new blog on character psychology and invite your questions or comments concerning the psychology of your characters. (Lynda) When I was wracking my brain to come up with an interesting idea for a blog, I spent days considering and discarding topics. And then it…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #20 – Character Psychology