2011 Write-a-Thon, Week 6

As you can see from our progress chart at right, Clarion now has one week to raise $4,200.  Most of you who are reading this have given all you can in these difficult times, and we would not ask more of you.  But there is one final way that you can help Clarion: share this…… Continue reading 2011 Write-a-Thon, Week 6


Spec Tech: Conlanging 4 — Verbs and Basic Clauses

This is the fourth in a series of posts “live-blogging” the creation of a fictional language from scratch, with the help of our readers.  We plan to construct a functional language one piece at a time, incorporating suggestions and preferences from our audience along the way.  You can read previous installments here: one, two, three.…… Continue reading Spec Tech: Conlanging 4 — Verbs and Basic Clauses

Interview with Jim Butcher, author of The Dresden Files

This month’s guest author is Jim Butcher, author of the bestselling Dresden Files series.  He was kind enough to take some time to answer questions for our readers about his successes, setbacks, and writing processes. Your latest novel Ghost Story comes out today, and people are a little desperate to find out what’s next for…… Continue reading Interview with Jim Butcher, author of The Dresden Files

Writer’s Craft #30 – Too Strange for Fiction

John Preet appeared on the Writer’s Craft earlier this year on the topic of writing a fight. He lives and writes in Calgary, AB. John is a pilot, a technical writer, a lover of big dangerous animals, and a teacher of martial arts. (Lynda) One of the odder issues I have faced is translating to…… Continue reading Writer’s Craft #30 – Too Strange for Fiction

2011 Write-a-Thon, Week 5

Hello, friends of Clarion!  With just two weeks left of the Write-a-Thon, we have raised nearly $9,100 of our $15,000 goal.  This week’s top ten fundraisers: Ferrett Steinmetz Victoria Griesdoorn Kari Maaren Amelia Bruce Liz Argall Curtis Chen Kelly Lagor Keffy Kehrli Nathan McDaniel Dallas Taylor Week 5 Fundraising Challenge Did you know that a total of $300…… Continue reading 2011 Write-a-Thon, Week 5