The Write-a-Thon Approaches!

Eleven days until our second Write-a-thon begins, and we are close to reaching our target of a hundred writers. We still need a few more writers, and we would love your help not just to reach this milestone but exceed it.  Click here to sign up.  If you want to leave a field blank, just…… Continue reading The Write-a-Thon Approaches!

Six Days Left, Six Reasons Why.

There are only six days left to sign up for the Clarion Write-a-Thon!  With the deadline so near and the Clarion Foundation only halfway to its goal of 75 writers, it’s time to pull out all the stops.  Please contact other spec fic writers you know to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, email, or…… Continue reading Six Days Left, Six Reasons Why.

Writing Life: A Spoonful of Sugar

On Thursday, in Kater Cheek’s intriguing riff about the influence of agriculture on society, she included a quip about the drudgery of research.  Research is, unfortunately, one of the most common inspiration-killers for writers.  How many times have you been skimming along blithely through the creation of a story, only to suddenly slam face-first into…… Continue reading Writing Life: A Spoonful of Sugar