Promoting Without Selling

Since he is too modest to say so, we will mention that the third book of Chris Evans’ Iron Elves trilogy was released this month.  The series begins with A Darkness Forged in Fire.  More information can be found at — Promoting without Selling – The Paradoxical Way to Sell by Chris Evans Finding…… Continue reading Promoting Without Selling

Guest Blog: Mark Lawrence, Author of PRINCE OF THORNS

I’m writing this in the dark in a cubicle at the children’s hospital in Bristol, UK. If I lean the laptop screen far enough forward to illuminate the keys with its glow, I can type but not see what I’m typing. If I lean it further back I can see what I’ve typed, but not…… Continue reading Guest Blog: Mark Lawrence, Author of PRINCE OF THORNS

Interview with Jim Butcher, author of The Dresden Files

This month’s guest author is Jim Butcher, author of the bestselling Dresden Files series.  He was kind enough to take some time to answer questions for our readers about his successes, setbacks, and writing processes. Your latest novel Ghost Story comes out today, and people are a little desperate to find out what’s next for…… Continue reading Interview with Jim Butcher, author of The Dresden Files

Writing Out/Writing With Others

My first experience with companionable writing happened at Clarion in Michigan in 1982, where there were twenty-four of us crammed into a dorm (with assorted foreign exchange summer students), sharing a few communal spaces, encountering each other in the cafeteria at ungodly early hours before heading over to Van Hoosen to critique each other, or…… Continue reading Writing Out/Writing With Others

2011 Write-a-Thon, Week 1

Hello, friends of Clarion!  Today marks the beginning of the 2011 Clarion Write-a-Thon. The Write-a-Thon is a way for writers who are not able to attend Clarion to feel part of the team and to take several weeks out of the summer to focus on their own writing goals.  For the next six weekends, the…… Continue reading 2011 Write-a-Thon, Week 1