The Write-a-Thon Approaches!

Eleven days until our second Write-a-thon begins, and we are close to reaching our target of a hundred writers. We still need a few more writers, and we would love your help not just to reach this milestone but exceed it.  Click here to sign up.  If you want to leave a field blank, just click “Next”!  Some versions of IE seem to have difficulties with our forms, but it should work in a different browser. If you still have problems please e-mail

Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far. We have writers from all around the world, from diverse walks of life and experience levels joining us for this challenge. Participants include Clarion graduates from as early as 1975 and as recent as 2010, graduates who have become instructors (like Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Kim Stanley Robinson and Robert Crais), emerging writers, aspiring writers, and award winning writers. Thanks to everyone who’s spreading the word, signing up, or getting sponsors; it has made a huge difference.

An extra special thank you to our early sponsors. Writing is the first half of the challenge, but your financial support is crucial. All of our donors are listed here, and we think your name would look smashing on that list! You get to hang out with some pretty excellent company.


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